one stop video post production

After Art Academy I started out as editor. First on film and tape, but pretty soon non linear. I worked for broadcasters and postproduction houses before becoming a resident video editor at VPRO. I’m a freelancer since 1998.

I kept learning and acquired many more skills over time. I can now offer all you need for your project. From shoot to post, creative all the way.


The best edit is invisible. The viewer should be completely captivated in your story. I’ll make sure the edit tells your story in the most optimal way with a shape and style to match. And I solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Doing your own rough cut is an excellent way to optimize your production and I’m glad to help you. On location, proxies, 4K, 8K, anything’s possible. My NLE of choice is Final Cut Pro. It’s super fast and has many excellent content related features.

audio mixing

Sound carries the story. Audiences will forgive you if the image is a little blurry. But they won’t stay if they can’t hear or understand what’s going on.

That’s why audiomixing is an integral part of my workflow. No need to wait for the final master to hear how good it will be.

My knowledge of music is vast and I can fit any track into your idea. Or I can produce music for you. I’ll advise you on music rights and copyright free music.


Each shot counts. Whether that comes from a phone or a RED camera. LUTs, HDR, 360° VR and gamuts.

Every film requires its own look. I already do part of the color correction during editing. This way you immediately get an idea of the end result. Tracking, stabilization, denoising, filtering and image editing have gotten better and better. There’s so much you can do with your images.


In addition to regular broadcasters, I often deliver for publication on the internet. All kinds of streaming services, but also Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook are indispensable.
The right codecs, compression and file size are essential. I know my way around the maze of image and sound standards.

podcast mixing

Every podcast should be a wonderful radio play. Editing, post-processing and mastering is necessary to allow your listener to enjoy it to the fullest. With me you have come to the right place for a professional sounding show. Sound effects, jingles, dialogue editing, I mix and master for all platforms.


I shoot everything, but my specialty is longer interviews. On location or in a studio. Beautifully lit, clear sound. And always the right atmosphere.

corporate livestreaming

Your event or presentation live on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook? With seven cameras I’ll broadcast it for you. Wherever you want. Multicam recording is also possible.

I’ve done about thirty corporate live streams for all kinds of clients. Making live television is quite complicated and very exciting, but I’ll make sure you keep a cool head.


A good website is essential. But most of all I understand what your site is about. Speed, readability, simplicity and safety are paramount. And let’s not forget responsive web design, SEO and your Google listing.  Of course I can help you maintain your website yourself.


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Recent clients

Idee aan Zee, Studio Noodzaak, HUMAN/VPRO, Memphis Film & Television, Paul de Bont Producties, NTR, KRO-NCRV,

Stichting Turning Point, Ketelhuis, GGZ, Gemeente Amsterdam, Filmfonds, 113 Zelfmoordpreventie